KWARAPOLY Certificates Get Security Features

In his bid to sanitize the system and further enhance the integrity of the institution, the Rector, Engr. Abdul Jimoh Muhammed has initiated the printing of the institution's Certificate abroad.

This, according to the Rector, will assist in providing a lasting solution to the issue of forgery of the Polytechnic certificate by fraudulent elements. While speaking with the Polytechnic Information Division crew, Engr. Abdul Jimoh disclosed that the certificate which is being handled by Royal Gold and Apple Direct Limited will have features such as students' pictures, among 8 other security features which will make the certificate to be very difficult to forge.

He added that the company which is working in conjunction with Tall Security Print, London, had also assured the Polytechnic that with the other hidden features to be inscribed in the certificate, it will be difficult for fraudulent individuals to forge the certificate.

The Rector disclosed that Tall Security Print, a United Kingdom-based printing ouit is a reputable company with track records of printing security documents such as Degree Certificates for reputable institution in the country.

Dr. Abdul Jimoh also noted that this step taken by the Management will check forgery of Polytechnic certificate which had adversely affected the image of the institution.

The first set of the certificates, according to the Rector, were issued to graduands of 2020/2021 academic session, who had proven to be worthy in both character and learning.

In terms of quality, the certificate is undoubtedly the first of its kind in the history of the Polytechnic.

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