Ajise Olalonpe Oluwakemi on 06/01/2017

Crime is now a serious and popular phenomenon that needs to be tackled by every Nigerian, for it has become a bug that must be killed. Crime has become a bad phenomenon threatening the National security and even the world at large. The act of crime of any kind is being as desirable a time as some analyst argue, even some leaders patronize the act but it has grown to be a big problem facing mankind today. It therefore calls for attention in order to eliminate or at least minimize its repeated occurrence and devastating impact to human existence. Crime is eating deeper and wider the fabric of Nigerian society. People move around with fear and anxiety. Nigeria’s daily newspapers are in some respects crime bulletin. Crime constitutes a major realm of societal concern, a specter which booms over larger in the pre-occupations of the State and its agencies and in the lives and perception of ordinary people. Against this background, this paper will attempt to define the concept of crime, types of crime, causes of crime, implications of crime on the Society and the measures to curb crime.

Key words: Crime, Crime waves, implication and measures for sustaining National Development