MSHELIA Markus Audu, OWOLABI Kayode Michael on 06/01/2017

The study was conducted with the purpose of finding out the opinions of staff on the practices and status of technical teacher production in teacher education colleges in Nigeria. Three objectives,three research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. The study area covered the entire nation. The population involved 259 staff from 30 COEs. A total of 194 staff from twenty one (21)out of 30 institutions was sampled. 47 item questionnaires were administered to 259 respondents out of which 194 were returned. After a pilot test for reliability, Cronback’s Alpha value of 0.91 was obtained. Descriptive statistical analysis on facilities status revealed a grand mean value of 3.29 (moderately agreed); staff status 3.13 (moderately agreed) and curriculum status 3.65 (agreed). Results of ANOVA at 0.05 level of significance showed that hypothesis 1 was significant while hypotheses 2 and 3, were not significant. Further test for hypotheses 1 using Scheffe’s multiple comparisons and mean order tests revealed that Colleges of Education had a high mean values and therefore was the sources of significant differences, meaning facilities were better in these institutions. The study concluded that there was almost unanimous opinion of responses among the respondents, and recommended that facilities and staff status needed to be improved.


Key words: Practice, Status, Teacher production.