Raji Ayodele Kamaldeen, Abdulrahman Tosho Abdullahi on 06/01/2017

 The advent of Intelligent Multi Agent technologies has brought changes to various human activities, notably in respect of security. Most institutions such as Polytechnics and Universities campuses are in critical positions with respect to securing of capital assets (i.e. detecting any problem through monitoring: temperature, motion, etc). Intelligent multi-agent technologies are among the most important tools for performing such tasks. A multi-agent system (MAS) is a system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents. MAS can be used to solve problems which are difficult or impossible for an individual agent or monolithic system to solve like effective and continuous monitoring of the environment. In this research work, a novel multi agent technologies system was proposed to secure and/or monitor the buildings and rooms of a Polytechnic environment. The system is based on intelligent multi-agent technologies and Wireless sensor networks using Java Agent Development Environment (JADE), Netbeans and Java Development Kit (JDK). This is incorporated with wireless sensors, alarm system and PDAs on security guards. This research can further be extended to monitor threat prone regions and not just the four walls of the school in other to ensure the safety of lives and properties in the nation at large.

Keywords: Security Systems, Intelligent Multi-Agent, Sensor, Wireless LAN, Securing