-          Your Excellency, Alh. (Dr.) Abdulfatah Ahmed, the Executive Governor of Kwara State and Visitor to the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

-          Distinguished and Hon. Members of the National and State Assemblies, here present

-          Principal Officers and Hon Members of the Kwara State House of Assembly, here present

-          Members of the State Executive Council, here  present

-          My Lords temporal

-          Your Royal Highnesses, Obas and Chiefs

-          Members of the Governing Council of the Polytechnic

-          Our Distinguished Convocation Guest Speaker, who also is the former Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State

-          Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Provosts of other Tertiary  Institutions, here  present

-          Chief Executive Officers , captains of industries here present

-          The Rector, Management , Principal Officers and members of the academic Board of the Polytechnic

-          The Staff and Students of the Kwara State Polytechnic

-          Graduands

-          Distinguished Guests 

-          Gentlemen of the Press

-          Ladies and Gentlemen.







On behalf of the Governing Council, Principal Officers, Management, Academic Board,  Staff, Students and the entire Polytechnic Community, I most heartily welcome you  all to the 25th Convocation Ceremony of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin , the  premier tertiary institution in Kwara State. 

Our first and foremost profound gratitude goes to the Almighty Allah who has given us the grace and peaceful environment to conduct and participate in another graduation ceremony, after the last one, held on 8th November, 2017.


Our very deep gratitude goes to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji (Dr.) Abdulfatah Ahmed whose God-given capacity and wisdom made it possible for the present Council of the Polytechnic to be given the opportunity to contribute its quota to the growth and development of this amiable Institution, in particular and the State Education and human development sectors in general.


Your Excellency’s presence here today is indeed heartwarming. What we have witnessed within the period of Your Excellency’s administration, is a legacy well articulated and being achieved, as the Polytechnic, has been growing from strength to strength in most ramifications of envy. Indeed, the dreams of the founding fathers of this Polytechnic are being   achieved, as today, the Institution is ranked 6th best Polytechnic in Nigeria out of numerous polytechnics and one of the foremost Technology-based tertiary institutions across Africa, in particular.


Over the years, the Polytechnic made and continues to make her mark in numerous Technological virtues, a few of which include the following:

v Products of the Polytechnic are found in large numbers-across our states and in all fields of human endeavours, and enormously contributing to the social and economic growth and development of Nigeria, in particular;

v Sustenance of Continuous peace on the two Campuses of the Polytechnic;

v Sustenance of Regular payment of Salaries of the entire staff by 25th day of every month, through the institution’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), devoid of any form of loan, though with enormous constraints. This is largely done without any undue increase of school fees, in strict compliance with the Government directives;

v The Polytechnic, since its inception, remains the leading indigenous Tertiary institution, and with the highest enrolment of Kwara indigenes. Indigenes of other States of the Federation  have continued to enjoy the patronage of the Polytechnic, similarly  in large numbers and in all courses and at all levels;   

v Successful conduct of the 2016 promotion exercise;

v Appointments and renewal of appointments  to fill vacant  positions  of three (3) Principal Officers;

v Running of Debt-free Institution;

v Successful Accreditation, Re-Accreditation and Resource Inspection of Courses by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE);

v Sustenance of zero-tolerance for cultism and cult-related activities and other Social Vices;

v Continuous cordiality between the Management and Council;

v Regular patronage of the institution by TETFund in the provision of infrastructural, and other learning and teaching facilities; and sponsorship of relevant academic personnel for post-graduate programmes etc., at home and overseas.

v Naming of some programme buildings after worthy and notable people in the society, etc.


Our remarks at this occasion will prove incomplete, if no mention is made of the continuous needful collaboration and cooperation amongst the Federal and State Governments and the regulatory agencies (viz:   JAMB, NBTE, NYSC, etc) for the growth and development of Technology-based institutions in Nigeria, in particular.


While, specifically commending the Federal and State governments, regulatory bodies, as well as TETFund for their statutory duties to our  Technology-based public institutions in Nigeria, it is strongly recommended that the Federal and State Governments need to sufficiently and urgently multiply their responsibilities to the institutions.

Adequate and regular funding of the institutions in all spheres of academic and administrative pursuits will boost and stimulate increase in student population, carrying capacity of each institution’s courses, all of which will enhance the IGR of each institution.  Periodic provision of various forms of grants and regularity of monthly provision of (funds) subventions by the proprietors of these institutions will go a long way in strengthening the sustenance of the needed    growth and development of the institutions.


Proliferation of polytechnics and colleges of technology across the states, (owned by the states) is rampant, with no commensurate adequate funding by the states. Funds (in the main) from the IGR (alone) cannot do the magic. Inadequate permanent academic personnel is similarly rampant in most of the institutions, while the population of non-academic personnel is of superfluous status, as well as dearth of academic and administrative infrastructures and facilities.    The TETFund, which presently is the only grace may soon be overburdened, as both the private and public institutions continue to multiply. Already, private institutions are mounting pressure for their shares of TETFund facilities, which are believed to be a national cake to be shared by all.


We, therefore once again   appeal to State Governments (owners of most of the institutions), to complement the efforts of the Federal Government in the funding of the institutions in all ramifications. It is glaring that at the moment, most State Governments tend to have left their complementary roles for the growth and development of their institutions to the Federal Government, vide the TETFund.


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, at this juncture, I wish to state that, if we must continue to  desire to achieve greater heights in Technology-based education in Nigeria and Africa; and if  the related institutions ( i.e Universities of Technology, Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology, etc.) are to successfully champion the  course, then these institutions need to be effectively and sufficiently Refocused ,Rejuvenated and Repositioned in all their needful,  to enable them match their counterparts across  the technological world.

Our governments are to take the lead in advocacy and funding, while all relevant stakeholders and regulatory agencies are to provide the needed complementary roles.

To attain these levels, apart from advocacy, close/joint collaborative and cooperative efforts between governments, between and amongst all the stakeholders. A few recommended relevant bodies may include:

·        Governments at all levels

·        Relevant regulatory agencies, viz:

-  Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)

-  National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)

 -  National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Directorate

 -  Forum of Heads of Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology in Nigeria

 -  Common Wealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics
     in Africa (CAPA)

- Forum of Chairmen of Governing Councils and Rectors of Federal Government owned Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology in Nigeria

-  Forum of Chairmen of Governing Councils and Rectors of State Government owned Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology in Nigeria, etc.

- Contacts and liaison with corporate organizations, or NGOs and international donor agencies by governments, as being done for other spheres of human endeavour, by governments will further boost the attainment of the mandates of the institutions.




 I wish to candidly advise my dear graduands, that you should be ready to put into constructive use, that qualitative educational instructions and skills garnered in the Polytechnic, to the continued development of our dear country, especially during this period of our collective urge to be part of   beneficiaries of Technical and Technological advancement. I therefore urge you to tap from the abundant entrepreneurial skills gained in the Polytechnic, to launch yourselves into self-reliance. This, I strongly believe, will not only be to your advantage, but will go a long way to complement the government’s policies towards taking Nigeria away from mono-economy.


It is also very important for our various institutions to improve on practical- oriented courses so as to be able to fill the labour market with job creators and not job seekers, as well as to adequately cater for the continuously large numbers of graduauds produced annually across the country. 



In addition, for you to get ahead in life, volunteer to do very sound valuable ventures no one else cares to venture to do, and do it better for the benefit of all. Accept responsibilities and shun criminal tendencies, as an attainment of this feat will make you stand out among equals and will prove you to be unique and appreciated by others. You will thus become indispensible among your peers. To further enrich this, cultivate the habit of honesty, transparency and shun discrimination along ethnicity, religion, culture and race, which today are part of Nigeria’s troubling challenges.

May I crave the indulgence of the eminent personalities at this event to join me in excitement and prayers to congratulate all our graduands, as well as their parents / guardians   and families, as a few amongst them that started together,  either could not reach today, or fell by the academic road side I wish to enjoin you graduands of this moment to  look back  and assess  yourselves in the light of the notable  learning process that you have successfully undergone, and get ready to soar in a highly competitive world.




At this juncture, ladies and gentlemen, I feel it is germane to once again appreciate the eminent personalities, leaders and indeed all our well wishers and friends of Kwara State, and in particular those present here for the sacrifices of time and schedule of commitments, for   finding time to be here with us in gracing this occasion.


The Rector and Management Teams

On behalf of the Council, I must commend the efforts of the Rector of this Polytechnic, Alhaji Mas’ud Elelu.

We are highly impressed and inundated to our resourceful, progressive and  unassuming Rector,   for all the  rugged and articulated efforts achieved by him in elevating the standard of  the academics and infrastructures in the Polytechnic over

the past nine years.

Your Excellency, distinguished guests, it is worthy  to register here that Kwara State Polytechnic, during Alhaji Elelu’s tenure prides itself as one of the leading technical tertiary  institutions  in the country, in terms of its number of accredited programmes, learning and teaching aids facilities and discipline.


These achievements, no doubt have not only been responsible for most of the accolades, special honours and recognition of the Rector, but also the eminence of the polytechnic among its peers in Nigeria and Africa.

 We equally extend similar commendation to the Rector’s Management teams, not only for their various supports to the Rector in particular, but also to the Council in the governance spheres of the Polytechnic.

It is worthy of note that the council shares the vision of the Polytechnic Management within the framework of its collective efforts in the attainment  of  the science-oriented courses that were accredited and introduced in the last academic session. Our next accreditation will no doubt usher in more of these courses.


Much as we appreciate the fact that Kwara State Government has many other commitments to attend to, I must emphasize that education is one of the major  industries  in Kwara State, and so , no amount of money will be too much to be expended by the Government to  ensure the success of the education sector, at all levels. We commend the State Government for its contribution so far in the development of the education sector, and would wish for more generous attention in favour of this institution, specifically to further enhance its academic personnel; and infrastructural growth and development.


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, this remark will be incomplete without a mention of the distinguished personalities and stakeholders that have, in one form or the other made their widow’s mite towards the growth and development of

this institution, in recent times.


These include:

(i) Barr. Olaolu Alli (SAN), who equipped the Computer Studio at the Institute of Applied Sciences;

(ii) Rear Admiral Afolayan (Rtd),

(iii) Alh. Kamarudeen Yusuf,

(iv) Chief Eric Umofia


(vi)  NBTE

(vii) NYSC

(viii) JAMB
(ix)  NCC,


(xi) TUYIL Pharmaceuticals

(xii)  LUBCON group of companies    etc

The contributions of these personalities and Organizations are worthy of emulation, and we therefore

enjoin other Kwarans   and friends of Kwara State and the Polytechnic (including  the Alumni)  and corporate organizations in the state to follow suit.

Finally, as I congratulate  the parents/guardians and families of these great future leaders on today’s feat, I want to once again  thank Your Excellency, the Visitor to the Polytechnic and Governor of Kwara State, my colleagues (Governing Council members), Royal Fathers, here present, distinguished guests, members of the Academic Board, Students Union Government, the Polytechnic Convocation Committee; the   Staff, the  entire students of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, all Security Agencies, other well wishers and friends of Kwara State, the gentlemen of the press and all those who have been part of this occasion, as we wish you all journey mercies to your respective destinations. Amen.

Thank you all for being part of this epoch-making event.